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With over 20 years of expertise in both interior and exterior painting in Boston MA, Your satisfaction is not just promised but guaranteed.

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TINOS Inc. use top-of-the-line paints, primers, and equipment for superior coverage, durability, and a flawless look.

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TINOS Inc. offers free estimates, allowing you to compare prices and choose the exterior service that best fits your budget.

Professional Exterior House Painters Boston MA

Welcome to TINOS Inc., your premier destination for professional exterior house painting services in Boston MA. With our meticulous craftsmanship and commitment to excellence, we transform homes into stunning showcases of beauty and durability. Trust TINOS for all your exterior painting needs and elevate the curb appeal of your property today.

Contact TINOS Inc. today for your free Boston exterior painting estimate. We look forward to exceeding your expectations with our professional Boston exterior house painters near me.

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Brianna C
Brianna C
Great work
Audrey White
Audrey White
We had a fantastic experience with Tino’s Inc. They were incredibly reliable, skilled, and the price was very fair. We hired them to repair our deck— the stairs, and some rotting support beams needed to be replaced. The job was tricky because of our angled cable railing system and the deck is cantilevered. Several other contractors wouldn’t even give us an estimate because of it. Tino’s crew handled it perfectly with no problem and even tightened the cables that had been loose for years. Tino and Jose were both excellent communicators and kept us informed every step of the way. They started work the day after we signed the contract and they finished in 2.5 days. Clean-up was impeccable. We’re thrilled with the results and highly recommend Tino’s Inc. for any home improvement needs.
Paul Giddings
Paul Giddings
Tino's Inc. just completed a new gutter install and facia board replacement for a very reasonable price and my home never looked better! Thank you to Tino's 2-man crew of Jonathan and Daniel for a job well done! I would not hesitate to recommend this company to my family or friends!
Maria Ledeboer-Cid
Maria Ledeboer-Cid
We had an excellent experience with Tino and his crew. From our first interaction, they were professional, prompt, courteous and attentive to detail. We were on tight timeline and the job was completed quickly and to a high standard. They provided detailed quotes and flexibly worked with us to add a few last minute items. We had several jobs needed to prepare a home for sale, including painting, fixture replacements, plumbing, exterior power wash and refinish wood stairwell. We highly recommend them and will gladly hired them again.
Scott Morello
Scott Morello
They did an amazing job both with some exterior gutter work, as well as a set of built-in bookshelves. Everyone was very progressional, knowledgeable, and timely - would recommend them again to anyone.
Nikki Love
Nikki Love
Tino is such a pleasure to work with and his crew is great! They do a wonderful job and take great pride in their work.
Jessica Caccamo
Jessica Caccamo
Tino and his crew are wonderful! Easy to communicate with, professional, and the highest level of quality in their finished work. I hope to have more projects to work with them on in the future, and would recommend them to anyone!
Hillary Richards
Hillary Richards
I recently hired Tinos to paint the interior of my new home and I am so happy that I did! Tino was able to come soon after my initial inquiry to give me a quote and his team was able to start soon after. He was flexible when I needed to reschedule and coordinate with closing dates/other maintenance work. His team painted multiple rooms and removed wallpaper in a little over two days and was very reasonably priced!
Bill Trautman
Bill Trautman
Tinos Painting did a great job for us. The fee was reasonable, the job was beautifully done, and they accommodated adjustments along the way. I would recommend Tinos highly.

Our Boston Exterior Painting Process

TINOS Inc. takes pride in meticulous preparation, premium exterior painting materials, and expert application to create a beautiful and lasting transformation for your home exterior outlook.

  1. Surface Preparation:

    • Pressure washing for optimal paint adhesion.
    • Careful repair of any damage for a smooth base.
  2. Priming:

    • Premium primer to seal, boost paint durability, and enhance color.
  3. Expert Paint Application:

    • Top-quality exterior paints designed for your climate.
    • Flawless application using the best techniques for optimal coverage.
    • Multiple coats applied as needed for maximum protection.
  4. Cleanup & Inspection:

    • Thorough site cleanup for a spotless finish.
    • Careful inspection to ensure evenness, color, and quality.

Ready to transform your home? Contact TINOS Inc. today for your free Boston exterior painting estimate!. TINOS Inc. – Your Local Exterior Painter in Boston MA.

Diverse Exterior Painting Services Boston

  1. Residential Exterior Painting Boston : This service focuses on exterior painting for houses, condos, and apartment buildings.
  2. Commercial Exterior Painting Boston : This caters to businesses and includes the exterior painting of shops, offices, and restaurants.
  3. Institutional Exterior Painting Boston : This is for public or government buildings like schools, hospitals, libraries, and municipal buildings.
  4. Historic Property Exterior Painting Boston : These services specialize in the restoration and preservation of historical buildings, using specific techniques and materials to maintain the original aesthetics.
  5. Deck and Fence Painting/Staining Boston : A service specifically for wooden outdoor structures like decks, fences, and pergolas.
  6. Garage and Outbuilding Painting Boston : This service covers standalone structures such as garages, sheds, and barns.
  7. Exterior Specialty Coatings Boston : This refers to specialty coatings applications, such as weatherproofing or textured finishes.
  8. Exterior Brick and Masonry Painting/Staining Boston : This involves specialized techniques for painting brick, stone, and other masonry surfaces.
  9. Pressure Washing Boston : A preparatory or maintenance service that cleans the exterior surfaces of buildings prior to painting.
  10. Trim and Detail Painting Boston : This service focuses on the detailed aspects of exterior painting, like window frames, doors, eaves, and soffits.

Our Exterior Painting Services Include:

TINOS Inc. exterior painting service involves applying paint to the exterior surfaces of a building, such as walls, doors, trim, and other structures outside the building. Our exterior painting is an essential service to maintain the appearance, protection, and property value.

Deck and fence painting Boston

Garage painting Boston

Porch painting Boston

Shed painting Boston

Exterior door painting Boston

Exterior solid stains Boston

Exterior trim painting Boston

Surfaces We Paint and Stain

Wood Siding, Cedar Shingles, Vinyl Siding, Brick, Stucco, Aluminum Siding, Composite Siding

Residential Exterior Painting Boston

House Exterior Painting:

      • All siding types: wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiber cement, etc.
      • Focus on protection and enhancing curb appeal.

Trim & Doors Exterior Painting:

      • Details matter! Includes window frames, shutters, railings, etc.
      • Can make a bold style statement.

Decks & Patios Exterior Painting:

      • Requires paints/stains designed for foot traffic and weather.
      • Creates inviting outdoor spaces.

Fences Exterior Painting:

    • Protection for wood, metal, or vinyl.
    • Complements your home’s aesthetic.

Commercial Exterior Painting Boston 

Storefronts & Retail Exterior Painting:

      • Attracts customers and can boost brand recognition.
      • May involve unique finishes or signage painting.

Offices & Warehouses Exterior Painting:

      • Protection and a professional appearance.
      • Often requires paints resistant to industrial wear and tear.

Metal Structures Exterior Painting:

      • Specialized paints/coatings to prevent rust and corrosion.
      • Expertise in preparation techniques is critical.

Masonry Painting Exterior Painting:

    • Brick, stucco, concrete, etc.
    • Expertise in choosing the right products for these surfaces.
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Common Types of Exterior Paint Sheen

When it comes to painting the exterior of a home, there are several types of exterior painting options to choose from. Here are some of the most common types of exterior painting:

  1. Flat or Matte Paint: This type of paint has a low sheen and is ideal for hiding imperfections on the surface of the home’s exterior.
  2. Low luster: Low luster painting refers to a type of paint finish that has a minimal sheen or gloss. It falls somewhere between a flat/matte finish and a semi-gloss finish.
  3. Satin Paint: Satin paint has a higher sheen than eggshell paint and is also more durable. It is a good choice for high-traffic areas or areas that are exposed to moisture or humidity.
  4. Semi-Gloss Paint: Semi-gloss paint has a higher sheen than satin paint and is even more durable.
  5. Gloss Paint: Gloss paint has the highest sheen of all types of paint and is the most durable. It is a good choice for areas that are exposed to extreme weather conditions or heavy wear and tear.
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Superior Quality
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Boston Exterior Painting Contractor

Hiring a professional exterior painting contractor in Boston like TINOS Inc. is the best way to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting transformation for your Boston’s home exterior. Here’s how we ensure exceptional results:

  1. Inspecting the Exterior of Your Home: Before starting a project, Our exterior painting contractor will inspect the exterior of your home to identify any damage or issues that need to be addressed.
  2. Providing a Quote: Based on the inspection, our exterior painting contractor will provide a quote for the project.
  3. Preparing the Surface: Our exterior painting contractor will prepare the surface of your home by cleaning.
  4. Priming: An exterior painting contractor will apply a primer to the surface of your home before painting.
  5. Painting: An exterior painting contractor will apply paint to the surface of your home using brushes, rollers, or spraying equipment.
  6. Clean-up: After the project is complete, an exterior painting contractor will clean up the area, dispose of any materials or debris, and ensure that your home looks as good as new.
Interior Painting Contractors Massachusetts

TINOS Inc. Exterior Painting Services: Homes & Businesses Boston MA

Elevate the look of your property and protect your investment with TINOS Inc. Our experienced team expertly handles a wide range of exterior painting projects:

Exterior Painting Service Locations in Boston

Transforming your space with a fresh coat of paint is more than just changing colors; it’s about revitalizing and enhancing the atmosphere of your home or business. At TINOS Inc., we’re dedicated to providing top-quality exterior painting services in Boston, MA, that breathe new life into your property.

We’re servicing the Massachusetts Greater Boston and North Shore areas:

Andover, Arlington, Belmont, Boston, Brookline, Burlington, Cambridge, Concord, Danvers, Hingham, Ipswich, Lexington, Lynnfield, Medford, Melrose, Middleton, Milton, Needham, Newton, North Andover, North Reading, Peabody, Reading, Stoneham, Tewksbury, Topsfield, Wakefield, Waltham, Watertown, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston, Wilmington, Winchester, Woburn and surrounding towns in Boston, Massachusetts.

Exterior Painting FAQ

Hire an Exterior Painter Near Me Boston | TINOS Inc.

When you are ready for hiring a professional exterior painting near me services in Boston MA, give our team a call at TINOS Inc. today. Our team of experienced and dedicated painting contractors is available in the Greater Boston area and ready to help you achieve your ideal look for your home.

The type of paint you choose for your home's exterior depends on the surface you are painting and the weather conditions in your area. It's essential to choose a high-quality, weather-resistant paint that will withstand harsh environmental conditions.

The preparation process involves cleaning the surface, scraping off any loose paint, repairing damaged areas, and priming the surface. It's essential to ensure that the surface is clean and dry before applying paint to achieve the best results.

Painting the exterior of your home not only enhances its appearance but also protects it from weathering, moisture, and other environmental factors. A fresh coat of paint can also increase the value of your home if you are planning to sell it in the near future.

Painting your home's exterior can be a challenging task and requires experience and specialized equipment. While it is possible to do it yourself, it is recommended to hire a professional painting contractor to ensure a high-quality finish and to avoid costly mistakes.

When choosing a color for your home's exterior, consider the surrounding environment, architectural style, and the mood you want to create. It's also a good idea to test the color in different lighting conditions before making a final decision.

The time it takes to paint a home's exterior depends on various factors such as the size of the home, the condition of the current paint, and the weather conditions. On average, it takes 1-2 weeks to paint a standard-sized home.

Regular maintenance is essential to prolong the life of your home's exterior paint. This includes cleaning the surface regularly, inspecting for any damage or wear, and repainting when necessary. It's also important to trim bushes and trees away from the home to avoid damage to the paint.

The frequency of painting your home's exterior depends on various factors such as climate, quality of paint used, and the condition of the current paint. However, most experts recommend repainting every 5-10 years.

Exterior painting is important for several reasons:

  1. Protection: The exterior of your home is exposed to harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, wind, and sunlight, which can cause damage to the surface. A fresh coat of paint can protect the surface from moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors, preventing damage to the underlying structure.
  2. Enhanced Appearance: A fresh coat of paint can give your home a new look and enhance its curb appeal. Painting your home's exterior can also make it stand out in your neighborhood and increase its value.
  3. Increased Lifespan: Regular maintenance and repainting can increase the lifespan of your home's exterior surface, saving you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs.
  4. Reduced Maintenance: Properly painted surfaces are easier to clean and maintain. By keeping your exterior paint in good condition, you can avoid frequent cleaning and repainting.

In summary, exterior painting is important for protecting your home's structure, enhancing its appearance, increasing its lifespan, and reducing maintenance costs.

The lifespan of exterior paint depends on various factors such as the quality of the paint, the preparation of the surface, the climate in your area, and the level of exposure to the elements. Generally, high-quality exterior paint can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years or more before it starts to fade, crack, or peel.

However, some factors can reduce the lifespan of exterior paint. For example, if the surface was not properly prepared before painting, the paint may not adhere well and could start peeling or cracking sooner than expected. Harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain or intense sunlight, can also cause the paint to deteriorate more quickly.

It's essential to regularly inspect your home's exterior paint for any signs of wear and tear, such as fading or cracking. When you notice any signs of damage, it's time to consider repainting the surface to maintain its protection and appearance. By properly maintaining your home's exterior paint, you can extend its lifespan and save money on future repairs.

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Upgrade your home’s appearance and protection with our expert exterior painting. Our skilled team delivers meticulous craftsmanship, premium materials, and a commitment to exceptional results. Let us help you achieve a beautiful and long-lasting finish that showcases your home’s unique style.

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